Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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"WASHINGTON -- As part of an intensified effort to capture terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, the State Department is considering doubling the bounty on his head to $50 million, State Department
officials said Monday" - CNN

Hmmm. $50 million or 2.5B Pesos *holy cow* maan. I promise to be observant this days, ill watch very closely those people with a weird beard and with a funky smell *harhar*, this way Osama can't get away with me IF he's in the Philippines. I was thinking, what could you buy with $50 million this days? millions of pairs of shoes? house with no lot? private plane? or an island... whew if only I could catch this fugitive ill never ask for any scholarship program, instead I'll build my own scholarship progmam.... AMB0Y FOUNDATION? how about that? heheheheh. heheheh if only. do you have any information where could i find mr. Osama? ill hunt him to death even if this would take my life awa.... ooops plss not my life.... i dont want a foundation with a memorial on it AMB0Y MEMORIAL FOUNDATION? *no way*. back to the topic! this way you would earn money better than anyone else in no time. so what are you waiting for? hunt him down!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Osama Bin Laden have been spotted on the island of Fiji. enjoying a summer break.... ohhh it was only a false alarm

resume series

Yesterday about 1:30 pm while watching TV, Sutherland Global Services called me up for a job interview *finally*, my heart pumps abnormally *about 1000 heartbeat/sec*, my tongue rattles and can't speak normally when the agent asked me if I could attend the interview, and as far i could remember the only word i say is "yes" nothing less nothing more... After that I look for my favortie long sleeves polo and pants to prepare for the interview. I excitedly told my mom, dad, and older brothers about the interview and boasting them that i'll just take them out after I recieved my first salary... hehehehe. I was day dreaming almost all day, imagining myself working at a call center, earning money, and i even planned for the things that i would do and buy after i recieved my first salary like saving couple of bucks for my tuition fee, camera, desktop PC and etc..,, *dumbass hehehe*. It's almost 12:30 at midnight when i decided to go to bed and take some rest.... maaaaan i can't sleep! i'm too excited for the interview!! I woke up 5:40 in the morning heheheheh *5 hours and 10 minutes? comm'on*. And the first thing i did is fitted my attire that i would wear for the job interview heheheheh. 8:30, when i take my bath and start preparing *btw 10:00 am is the interview*. I left the house about 9:20 but I arrived on the venue about 10:15. Before I enter the venue my heart pumps again abnormally... heres my exact *or maybe not* conversation with the security personnel:

S.P.: good morning sir!
me: I'm here for the job interview where could i found the berthaphil plaza II?*while signing visitor's login without prior notice to the security personnel*
S.P.: Sir before that, do you have any I.D.
me: ohh do i have to present I.D. before I could enter your facilities?
S.P.: yes sir
me: Oh i dont have any....
S.P.: sorry sir no I.D. no entry
me: ahhhhh.... ok

walked through the door while i thinking if i would press my built-in self-destruction *hehehehe*.... and while contemplating what just happened i realize that this job wasn't meant for me... and i feel good for having a experience like this!

Root of All Poverty

year 2000, people rebelled against the Estrada government, the armed forces turned against the governement and declared coup de' etat, thousands of people floods the street of EDSA. Days have passed Estrada stepped out from the presidential seat to prevent the bloodshed on the street. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took over, the first few months of her term is not that bad. Economy boost, Job employement became one of her priorities, and many more. But all of this is just for a show, couple of months after the economy drasticly changed it's coursed. The dollar exchange before her term, 36.**/dollar now 5*.**/dollar. I wonder why a dean's lister whos taking AB Economics in Georgetown University can't do anything on how her country could be change the path that it takes. She's just watching her countrymen suffers, countrymen that have engulfed by hunger, poverty, anxiety., etc. It's been six years that our country suffers from her poor leadership. Six years that our skilled workers, medical personnel, and proffesionals suffers,. No wonder why our government suffers from the Exodus of his countrymen. But I wonder what is she doing for the Education system. This is the problem that our country is facing decades ago and I'm not blaming her for this problem but what is she doing for this problem? Ms. Arroyo should know this problem better than anyone else, it's been a problem since her Dad is still in power. Her government doesn't have any concrete program for education, promises, promises, and promises. The growing population of filipino youth that have dropped out from college due to financial reason is very alarming. Million of pesos have just been thrown into mud, wasting tax payer's money to support their vices and leisures. Whiles't many filipino youths suffer from poverty, youths that must be in school studying for their future, but instead theyre on the streets wasting their time and knowledge. The Philippines doesn't have a future while this corrupt people are still in power. If only this corrupt leaders would be thrown into the devil's island *island where the criminals are thrown. 101% that you can't escaped here*, if only. Four years to go till this corrupt leader and her minions have to stay in power. I wonder if theres a way to shorten it, and I hope that the next leader would make a difference