Wednesday, September 13, 2006

resume series

Yesterday about 1:30 pm while watching TV, Sutherland Global Services called me up for a job interview *finally*, my heart pumps abnormally *about 1000 heartbeat/sec*, my tongue rattles and can't speak normally when the agent asked me if I could attend the interview, and as far i could remember the only word i say is "yes" nothing less nothing more... After that I look for my favortie long sleeves polo and pants to prepare for the interview. I excitedly told my mom, dad, and older brothers about the interview and boasting them that i'll just take them out after I recieved my first salary... hehehehe. I was day dreaming almost all day, imagining myself working at a call center, earning money, and i even planned for the things that i would do and buy after i recieved my first salary like saving couple of bucks for my tuition fee, camera, desktop PC and etc..,, *dumbass hehehe*. It's almost 12:30 at midnight when i decided to go to bed and take some rest.... maaaaan i can't sleep! i'm too excited for the interview!! I woke up 5:40 in the morning heheheheh *5 hours and 10 minutes? comm'on*. And the first thing i did is fitted my attire that i would wear for the job interview heheheheh. 8:30, when i take my bath and start preparing *btw 10:00 am is the interview*. I left the house about 9:20 but I arrived on the venue about 10:15. Before I enter the venue my heart pumps again abnormally... heres my exact *or maybe not* conversation with the security personnel:

S.P.: good morning sir!
me: I'm here for the job interview where could i found the berthaphil plaza II?*while signing visitor's login without prior notice to the security personnel*
S.P.: Sir before that, do you have any I.D.
me: ohh do i have to present I.D. before I could enter your facilities?
S.P.: yes sir
me: Oh i dont have any....
S.P.: sorry sir no I.D. no entry
me: ahhhhh.... ok

walked through the door while i thinking if i would press my built-in self-destruction *hehehehe*.... and while contemplating what just happened i realize that this job wasn't meant for me... and i feel good for having a experience like this!


Blogger the ivisible veil said...

I would of punched that gard in the face!!!!I would of been mad!

4:43 PM  
Blogger amb0y said...

hahahaha!hmmmm *bright idea!*. If only i have the choice of doing that!

12:40 AM  

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